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Soul Eater Volume 17
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Volume: 17
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Japanese ISBN: 978-4-7575-2930-4
Japanese Release: July 22, 2010
English ISBN: 978-0-316-24432-9
English Release: November 19, 2013



The enemy of my enemy is... still my enemy?! As the madness of the Kishin continues to threaten the world, Noah and Medusa race to find Asura and ally themselves with him. With Noah reliant on Demon Tools and Medusa on her experimental Black Blood, DWMA must devise ways to combat both evils while trying to seek and destroy Asura themselves!

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The Abyss of Despair, the Uncleanliness, and the Darkness

Main article: Chapter 68 As Noah makes the last finishing touches on the Demon Belt, he's too cautious to use it himself, and so decides to let Gopher use it instead in his place as a test subject. As Gopher attempts to use the Belt, it breaks in the process, relieving Noah of choosing to let Gopher use it instead of him, and Gopher being left feeling distraught as he was unsuccessful in Noah's commands for the second time. Crona and Black☆Star prepare themselves to fight. The Black Clown disperses from the ground and is absorbed by Crona, enabling her to utilise the Three-Sword Style. As they begin fighting, Black☆Star easily dodges Crona's attacks and retaliates by punching and questioning Crona on its ideal to leave DWMA and gain a stronger power, trying to forget about their relationship with Maka in the process. As Black☆Star tries to remind Crona of Maka's faithfulness, Crona tries its hardest to forget about the person. Black☆Star manages to break through Crona's Black Blood, much to Medusa's surprise. A sudden silhouette of a person appears from behind Medusa, claiming she should be more aware of her own safety than just her child's. As Justin goes in for the kill, Medusa alerts Eruka and Mizune to pull back from the fight with Black☆Star, as they were hiding from a safe distance. Just before Medusa can react, Justin captures her within his guillotine.

Love Triangle

Main article: Chapter 69 As Justin proclaims it is time for Arachne's judgment, Medusa replies saying he has no right to pronounce judgement on her after he himself betrayed Death and his way of life. As the guillotine supposedly chops Medusa's head off, a sudden Vector Arrow is released and launched at Justin. It's revealed that Justin was simply using a Madness Attack,[1] and Medusa was protected from it via the usage of the Purple Clown. Medusa uses Madness Fusion to begin her counter-attack, and manages to get some damage on Justin. But using his Silver Gun, he's able to trap the snakes aimed at him and defeat them. As soon as he went in to attack Medusa, something what seemed to be a doppelganger appeared in-front of the duo, confusing them both. Back at Medusa's Lair, Eruka released all of her Tadpole Bombs, only to infuriate Black☆Star into chasing her. Justin figures out that the doppelganger is actually Tezca Tlipoca, and he begins reflecting in what's in Justin's heart in order to show him good. Tezca attempts to remind Justin of all the good times they had, babbling on, but Justin doesn't know what he's saying since Tezca wears a bear mask.[2] As Justin gradually grows bored of the situation, he escapes using the paper Demon Tool. As Crona finally retreats from the fight, it continues to remind itself of Maka not existing. Back at DWMA, Soul meets a young school girl on a personal request, and she anxiously asks to be his weapon partner someday. Soul realizes he's getting more attention due to being a Death Scythe now, and Maka shows a sign of slight jealousy. A young girl appears from a corner, spying on them both, and saying that Maka doesn't deserve to be with Soul. In Noah's whereabouts, Gopher is trying to torture Death the Kid but fails to by using violence, much to Gopher's annoyance. As Kid takes a closer look at Gopher's smile, he notices how it's unsymmetrical, and shrieks for help.

The Business Lunch

Main article: Chapter 70 As Maka overlooks Blair, Arisa and Risa advertise their Chupa♡Cabra's inside DWMA, Spirit walks out from Death Rooms door, inviting the three witches, saying Death has been waiting for them. Death is brought to the area the three witches were in and they reveal a big catering party for him, even though the real reason Death wanted them was to talk about some way to rescue Kid. The three witches try to go around to everybody at the gathering and make small talk as they were assigned to do by Spirit, but the atmosphere remains confusing, unknowingly to the witches. Maka and Soul, continuing to spy on the outskirts of the Death Room, spot Marie leaving as she was getting frustrated by the situation. They notice Black☆Star and Tsubaki walking toward the room, moments later Black☆Star decides to kick the door down with a calm face so they could go in, much to Tsubaki's shock. Soul suggests following them but Maka retaliates saying it's no fun bursting in uninvited. She looks back and sees the little school girl whom doesn't seem to realise Maka knows of her existence. Back at the party, all is going too well, and Death finally decides to explain to the witches the real reason he called them over.

The Great Old One

Main article: Chapter 71 Death demands he's had enough in an aggressive manner, and explains to everybody the real reason he asked the witches to come along. Spirit mistakenly invited them and told the witches that it was their main aim to entertain Death instead.[3] After Spirit says he thought Death needed some uplifting atmosphere after everything that's happened recently, and Death returning the favour with a Shinigami Chop, he reasons and makes a deal with the witches. Black☆Star makes an appearance holding a frog and shoves it in Death's face, in which he returns the favour with another Shinigami Chop. As the four witches gather, Kim also appears and greets everyone. Back in Noah's whereabouts, Gopher continues to torture Kid, but only this time, he is using a feather to tiggle him and drew on his face unsymmetrically to annoy him. Noah catches him in the act and is disappointed, so he confiscated the tool and orders Gopher to bring him a tea, all the while absorbing Kid back into the Book of Eibon. As Kid cleans his face, he notices an extremely powerful wavelength coming from inside the book.

Salvage (Part 1)

Main article: Chapter 72 Eruka, Kim, Risa and Arisa appear to be a specific formation, forged around a complex calculation spell, as they prepare to help the DWMA send a specific group of students into the Book of Eibon to salvage Death the Kid. A day earlier, the day of the gathering inside of the Death Room, it is revealed that Maki was the actual holder of the manuscript copy of the Book of Eibon, and Death was getting ready to punish her for doing so as it was a Level 4 book that only he and Death Scythes are permitted to read, but Stein points out that Maki will be a valuable asset to the Spartoi team on the way to save Kid because of her Anti-Demon Wavelength. Spirit supports this and partially takes the blame for what happened as Maka slipped through his security to steal his ID card and steal the book, and Death is persuaded to let Maki go on the mission. Back in the present, the witches execute their spell and transport Spartoi inside of the book. Once there, they meet a very strange creature; The Index. Whilst telling them of its existence and how Kid is in a deep part of the book, the group all agree they will do whatever it takes to retrieve him. The Index then transports them into the first chapter of the book; Lust. Everybody looks at each other with wide eyes when they realise their genders have been switched, a unique trait to the Lust chapter, attempting to thrive at their inner-sexual desires to throw them off. Succubus comes out from hiding and gives the female Soul a nose-bleed, while The Index remarks to himself that if the group stay too long inside one chapter, their souls will be devoured by one of the seven deadly sins and they will become a part of the book. Noah notices the irregularities within the book, and orders Gopher to bring him Giriko to exterminate them. Inside the book, Kid is told about the Great Old Ones by the Great Old One of Power, and is overcome by the immense madness wavelength of him, drastically changing him.


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