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Japanese ISBN: 9784757543768
Japanese Release: 12 Aug 2014
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Soul Eater Not! Volume 4.5 Official Fanbook ~Need to Know~ is a bonus volume for the manga Soul Eater Not! and a companion volume to the manga's animated adaptation. It was published by Square Enix on August 12, 2014. It has not been licensed, translated, or released in the United States.

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This bonus volume provides behind-the-scenes information about not only the manga Soul Eater Not! but also its animated adaptation! This Official Fanbook includes interviews with the anime's staff and cast, character and set models, original colorized artwork, summaries of all 12 episodes, and a brand new bonus Soul Eater JOT! comic!

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Death Weapon Meister Academy descriptionEdit

  • Part 1: Introduction
    • The Death Weapon Meister Academy is located almost in the center of Death City, with the goal to turn students into full-fledged weapons and meisters.[1]
  • Part 2: Curricula and Rules
  • Part 3: Physical Education and the Death Festival

The DWMA is listed as Japanese.[2]

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Soul Eater JOT! Bonus ChapterEdit

Main article: Soul Eater JOT! Part 11

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Original Artwork (in color)Edit

Opening Title Sequence with Director's Notes (in color)Edit

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Setting Designs and Characters Models with Designers' Notes (in color)Edit

Synopses for All 12 Episodes with Directors' Notes, Screen Caps, and Character Models (in color)Edit

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Cast Autographs and Doodles (in color)Edit

Additional and Unused Character Models, Setting Designs, and Original ArtworkEdit

Heights for characters are listed with their character models for the Soul Eater Not! anime:

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References Edit

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