Volume 5 (NOT!)
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Chapters: Chapter 37 (NOT!)
Chapter 38 (NOT!)
Chapter 39 (NOT!)
Chapter 40 (NOT!)
Chapter 41 (NOT!)
Chapter 42 (NOT!)

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Ding-dong! DEAD-dong! Class is in session, and the DWMA is preparing for the annual Death Festival held on Halloween. But while Death City is abuzz with excitement and delight, something sinister is brewing within its shadows...and it seems the girls’ carefree schooldays are in for a rude awakening with a shocking betrayal! Can the DWMA stop the nefarious witch Shaula Gorgon's schemes before it's too late? And will Tsugumi Harudori ever get to make her choice?! It’s a savage but super-fun conclusion![1]

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Eternal Darkness! Edit

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Death Fest! (Part 1) Edit

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Death Fest! (Part 2) Edit

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Death Fest! (Part 3) Edit

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Death Fest! (Part 4) Edit

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It's a Savage But Super-Fun Life ♪ Edit

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  • In the Yen Press English release, the splash page after the table of contents includes Meme, in her pajamas and lying on only a pillow on a bare floor, while the wall behind her has stars, a version of the Soul Eater NOT! logo that looks asleep, and the phrases "Soul Eater NOT!" and "Eternal Darkness."

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