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Volume: 7
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Japanese ISBN: ISBN 978-4-7575-1774-5
Japanese Release: September 22nd, 2006
English ISBN: 978-0-316-07110-9
English Release: October 25th, 2011
Chapters: Chapter 23
Chapter 24
Chapter 25
Chapter 26
Chapter 27
Pages: 208


Shinigami-sama summons the strongest weapons from around the world to contain the rogue kishin and the spread of his madness. As these powerful weapons strategize for what will be the most difficult battle of their lives, the students of DWMA try to get back to their normal lives as best they can. For Maka, adjusting to the dangerous times is nothing compared to Crona’s stuggle to adjust to life as a DWMA student!

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Chapter 23: Normalcy

Main article: Chapter 23Justin Law arrives at Death City. Death questions Sid, pondering on how the collection of all the Death Scythes are going. According to Sid, Justin and Death Scythe along with two others had already arrived. The Death Scythe representatives from Europe and West Asia are on assignments and couldn't make it to DWMA. South America "talks some crazy howlin gibberish" and Sid couldn't understand them, while Africa rejected DWMA's call in the first place. Death, keeping an optimistic attitude, says that four out of eight isn't too bad. Marie Mjolnir and Azusa Yumi are in the DWMA's women bathroom washing their hands, and Marie can't help but stress the fact she's still working at her age and is yet to find love or get married. Azusa gives some sort of love advice to Marie, saying when someone tries too hard to please someone, they feel under pressure and want to escape. This leads to Marie punching Azusa in the cheek, exclaiming how would she know how much love to give. Marie then points to the toilet and says she'll marry it. Azusa then says how the toilet would cheat on her by "leaking fluids behind her back", leading to Marie to transform her arm into her Demon Hammer form and pulverise the toilet into pieces, leaving Azusa in astonishment. They head to the Death Room together to meet with Death, but come across Stein and Death Scythe.

Chapter 24

Main article: Chapter 24

Chapter 25

Main article: Chapter 25

Chapter 26

Main article: Chapter 26

Chapter 27

Main article: Chapter 27


Main article: GAIDEN 7


  • Original artwork for the title page features Blair and Maka Albarn. Beyond her books and tie, Maka’s outfit resembles slightly her future Spartoi uniform.
  • The other original artwork features a demon-like person putting its head into a guillotine, perhaps alluding to this volume’s introduction of Justin Law.


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