Chapter 103 - Crona appears as Noah aquires Asura
War on the Moon II Arc
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War on the Moon Arc
Dark Side of the Moon Arc

War on the Moon II is the twenty-fourth named Story Arc and the penultimate Story Arc in the manga Soul Eater.

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Part 1

The battle is now in favor of the DWMA: Maka Albarn and Black☆Star's skills destroy multiple witches, and Death the Kid's gamble pays off with the arrival of Maba and other witches to prevent the Clowns' regeneration.

Part 2

The Witches assist the DWMA in destroying all of Asura's Clown Army, hence concluding their agreement and leading to their departure. While Eruka and Free remain on the the Moon to assist the DWMA, Maka Albarn, Sid Barrett, and The Table of Contents sense the presence of Asura, as well as Crona, their next opponents in this battle against Madness.

Part 3

With the Clown Army defeated by the combined might of witches and humans, the Kishin Asura awakens, prompting the DWMA to prepare for the ultimate battle of Order. Meanwhile, Noah decides to be Asura's first opponent.

Notable Instances

  • The Clown Army destroys the Demon Airship, but with their intervention Maba and the Witches manage to teleport Death the Kid and his DWMA peers off the Airship to the Moon's surface.
  • Thanks to the arrival of Maka Albarn and Black☆Star, with assistance from the Witches' Soul Protect Bullets, the DWMA manages to destroy all of Asura's clowns, including Kaguya, Moonlight, and White Rabbit.
  • Noah confronts Asura, only to have Crona appear behind him, ready to attack.
  • Asura hints that, as will be revealed later, that he is a son of Death, as he says his birth originates from Order, which Death represents.



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