Wavelength Release (波長放, Hachō Hō) is a simple wavelength control technique usually used by individuals whom either don't require weapons and/or do not possess demon weapon partners.

This techniques appears only in Soul Eater: Battle Resonance.


Releasing their wavelength, the user expands their power. Offensively, those caught within the blast radius are damaged and sent to the ground from the force it causes.[1]

Media AppearanceEdit

Soul Eater: Battle ResonanceEdit

This technique appears in Soul Eater: Battle Resonance as a technique used for enlarging a fighter's gauge. This technique is usable by those who do not have a demon weapon partner in the game and act as a counterpart to "Resonance Release". When performed, doing so close to an enemy will grant the player invincibility for a few seconds and push back the opponent. Characters who perform this include:

To perform the technique, the player must fill up the fighting gauge and press the left trigger and right trigger.


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