Werewolves (狼男, Ōkami Otoko; also translated as "Wolf Man") are creatures notable for their signature ability to transform into large, wolf-like creatures.


Free's Soul Expanding

Free's soul as it expands from transforming.

Werewolf physically carry both Human and wolf-like characteristics, although their "true" form resides in their wolf-like form with their souls shaped with the characteristics of a wolf.[1] In the anime, the soul of a Werewolf individual seems to be green in color, possessing both Human traits and Werewolf traits that can be sensed by a user of Soul Perception.[2]

From Free's account, many Werewolves in the past have a shaky relation with humanity and as a result, are mistaken to be beleived to be Demons taking the form of a wolf.[3]

Special AbilitiesEdit

Werewolves possess common abilities such as:

  • Transformation (変身, Henshin): A basic ability for werewolves is the ability to transform from both their human form and their true, wolf-like form at will.[1]
  • Immortality (不死, Fushi): Werewolves are immortal, capable of healing from even the most extreme of wounds.[1]
  • Werewolf Physiology: All Werewolves possess wolf-like abilities: enhanced sense of smell, claws, and greater physical prowess than that of a human. Additionally, they are able to siphon special abilities by searing body parts (such as an eye) into their own body via unknown means.[1]

Fighting StylesEdit

  • Magic (魔法, Mahō) Werewolves that has manage to seer a body part of a witch into their own (such as Free and the demon eye taken from Maba) can perform the variant of magic used by witches.[1]
  • Fighting Wolf Fist (闘狼拳, Tōrōken): An offensive and aggressive fighting style that takes advantage of a Werewolf's immortality. The style's stance is uniquely characterized in which that the werewolf user also attacks with the tip of the fingers.[1]
  • Wind Wolf Fist (風狼拳, Kaze ōkami Ken): A special fighting style in which utilizes the element of wind in combat. A user of this style can send powerful shockwaves of wind.[1]

List of known WerewolvesEdit

Name Status
Free Active
Alone Deceased


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