Wes Evans (ウェス・エヴァンス, Wesu Evansu) is a violinist who is Soul Eater's older brother as well as a member of the musician family, the Evans.[1]


Resembling Soul, Wes seems to lack the sharp teeth, appears older and taller than Soul. Wes's hair also hangs down and looks more tamed. Wes is shown wearing formal and refined clothes, such as a suit and tie at social gatherings, and a white dress shirt with an open collar with dark pants and a belt for casual wear.[1]


Wes seems similar to Soul in that he shares the same cool, laid back, and nonchalant attitude towards life. However, Wes appears more extroverted and confident than Soul, and is shown to smile more often than his younger brother. Wes seems to enjoy company more than Soul: Wes seems to enjoy company and at one point tries, in vain, to encourage Soul to take part in conversation, while Soul prefers to stand apart from others. Wes seems to be confident in his violin talents, while Soul is not in his piano talents, which may be the cause of or caused by their differing personalities. Soul seems to revere his brother for his musical talent, which implies that Wes's musical knowledge and skills, or "Musical IQ" as Soul calls it, is very high. Likewise, Wes says that he has always enjoyed Soul's music.[1]


Born as the eldest between him and and his younger brother, Soul, Wes grew up in the family of musicians known as the Evans and was known to be renown at the violin, called a "Virtuoso Violinist". His reknown skill would garner him much success and the envy of his younger sibiling.[2]

After one of his performances, both Wes and Soul attended a party in which many of the people praise Wes's skill as a violinist. Having spotted Soul on his own, he tried in vain to encourage Soul to join him and hang around the others present with them, spurring a conversation about Soul's renown skill with the piano.[2] Sometime later, both Wes along with their grandmother learn of their heritage containing Demon Weapon blood within them as Soul later transformed his arm into a scythe. Unknown to him, Soul used his newfound power as an excuse to separate himself from his family, particularly Wes.[3]


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