White☆Star (ホワイト☆スター, Howaito☆Sutā) was a assassin of the infamous Star Clan as well as the father of Black☆Star who was killed by Death Weapon Meister Academy's forces after their clan operated outside the rules established by the organization.[1][2]


As a member of the Star Clan, he was known as a ruthless man who was reputed to do anything for money.[3] He had a lust for power, even taking the Path of the Demon to attain that power.[4] Some of the various negative traits seen within the assassin were passed down to his son Black☆Star, who unknowingly followed in his footsteps[4] for a time until he embraced the Path of the Warrior. Overall, White☆Star was a Dark and evil individual who was killed as a result of his crimes.[3]


  • White Star's appearance in the manga.
  • White Star in the manga.

White☆Star has white hair in the same spiked fashion as Black☆Star. However, it isn't very star-shaped and appears not to have a recurring pattern in its style. White☆Star has green eyes as well, which contain the Star Clan's star pupils.In addition to how these stars sometimes grow in size, White☆Star's eyes also sometimes glow a bright red, ultimately making the pupils disappear as a whole. White☆Star's teeth are sharp and has a slightly more muscular build than Black☆Star. White☆Star's right arm exibits the Star Clan's clan tattoo of a star on his shoulder.

White☆Star's outfit is also almost exactly the same as his son's, except his sleeveless ninja shirt and shoes are white instead of black, and he wears a long white scarf that covers his whole face up to his eyes. Lastly, White☆Star wears a bandana equipped with a metal forehead protector that contains a trident-like marking each side of the plate.

Special Abilities

Old Ways (古武術, Ko Bujutsu): His ancestral line originating from the Hoshi family's school, White☆Star is presumed to be versed in a style of martial arts meant for killing his targets.[5]

Art of Assassination (暗殺術, Ansatsu Jutsu): A member of the Star Clan, White☆Star was a proficient assassin at a level in which he was able to threaten forces of Death Weapon Meister Academy.[6]


White☆Star was a member of the notorious Star Clan, a clan of assassins infamous in account that they would do anything for money. During his reign of terror alongside his fellow clan mates, they would terrorize a number of villages including the Village of Shin. At some point in his life, he had a son whose name was Black☆Star with an unnamed woman. A year after his birth, having broken the rules established by the DWMA, he along with his clan members was killed by their forces as a result.[6][7]


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