White Rabbit (白兎, Shirousagi) is one of the leading figures within the Clown Army.[2]



White Rabbit's form bears a small resemblance to that of a human, at least in respects to his general shape, which demonstrates a rather simplistic yet muscular physique. However, as a clown, his facial features display some disfigurement with one eye being oriented normally, while the other is seemingly placed vertically instead. Atop his head, he wears a white top hat that is embellished by a distinctive diamond pattern. Whilst the rest of his form typically appears to be obscured behind an ankle-length cloak, in actuality this garment is composed from a series of long tentacle-like limbs, which mirror the shape of his arms.[3]

Special AbilitiesEdit

Infinite Propagation (無限増殖, Mugen Zōshoku): Like other Clowns, White Rabbit is capable of regenerating from any injury and seemingly even death so long as he is able to feed off of Asura's Madness Waves and another Clown brings him back.[4]

Evaporation (蒸発(じようはつ), Jōhatsu): White Rabbit seemingly possesses the ability to become incorporeal at will, allowing him to pass through a variety of materials without harming either himself or the object in question.[5]

Tentacles: The cloak that continually conceals the majority of his form is, in actuality, comprised from a number of tentacle-like appendages, which he is capable of controlling with as much ease as any other of his limbs. Each of these tendrils taper down into a solitary point, meaning that with enough force, they can be thrust into a target as a means of inflicting damage.[6]



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