The Will of Nakastukasa (中務の意思, Nakatsukasa no Ishi) is the embodiment of the Nakatsukasa Clan's Soul Wavelength of those who possess the power of the Uncanny Sword.[1]


Why do you desire such power? Is that so? You would surpass God...and yet you look like a demon.

The Will of Nakatsukasa, Episode 33

The Will of Nakatsukasa is the embodiment of all of the generations of the Nakatsukasa Clan. Therefore he has experienced many things, whether it be bloodshed, the corruption of the warrior, the pain of battle etc. Due to this, he speaks in an old-fashioned formal style and is very calm and wise, and is very knowledgeable on the Path of a Warrior, the path that warriors walk to seek to become a master of the arts of the warrior. He can judge a person's character by a single glance of their soul, and nothing escapes his eyes. He strictly adheres to the Path of a Warrior, and does not allow emotion to cloud his judgment, saying that causing grief and fear to others is a part of the Path of a Warrior.

He also refers to himself once as 'we,' emphasizing that he is made up of all the souls of the Nakatsukasa Clan.

Although a rather intimidating figure, The Will of Nakatsukasa is also benevolent and just, not lending his power to those who he thinks are not worthy. He is a strict teacher and does not hold back when confronting someone he deems unworthy of his power. He calls Black☆Star a demon, and shows him rather harshly what the Path of a Demon, the path Black☆Star is walking, is like. However, after the person confronting proves themselves as worthy, the Will of Nakatsukasa will accept this and will entrust that person with his power.


Soul Eater Chapter 33 - The Will of the Nakatsukasa

Black Star faces Tsubaki and the Will

Inside Tsubaki's soul, the Will of Nakatsukasa takes the shape of a gigantic black deer adorned with ornate white markings. He has glowering yellow eyes and crimson antlers. Some of his antlers are actually separate from his actual body. He once possesses Tsubaki's soul to take on a more human form, that of a tall humanoid deer with pointed ears, long muscled limbs and a masculine build.

Special Abilities

Uncanny Sword (妖刀, Yōtō): As the Wavelength of the Nakatsukasa Clan residing within the Uncanny Sword, the Will is capable of bestowing the full power of the Uncanny Sword to individuals whom they deem worthy and the Meister understands the entity itself.[2]

Inside the Uncanny Sword's Spiritual Dimension

Residing as a entity within the Uncanny Sword's Spiritual Dimension, the Will of Nakatsukasa has powerful capabilities for those while within the dimension in which include:

Chapter 49 - Will of Nakatsukasa attacks Black Star

The Will of Nakatsuksa using a force field.

  • Force Field: The Will of Nakatsukasa has been seen capable of creating a powerful force field in which was strong enough to effortlessly send Black☆Star a few feet away by pure force.[3]
  • Body Possession: Within the realm, the Will of Nakatsukasa is capable of possessing the body of those within the Nakatsukasa to act as a kind of physical avatar.[4]
  • Enhanced Agility: While in Tsubaki's body, he was capable of a super leap into the air.[4]
  • Failed Souls: While within the realm, he's shown the be capable of summoning the souls of people who've failed to properly understand the power of the Uncanny Sword. When killed, the Will of Nakatsukasa absorbs the souls of those killed while using the sword.[5]
  • Emotion Induction: The Will of Nakatsukasa is capable of making those who enter its realm feel the resentment of defeat, fear and despair of those who were killed while using the Uncanny Sword.[6]

Part in the Story

Duel Arts

Black☆Star and Tsubaki first come into contact with the Will of Nakatsukasa whilst performing a Soul Resonance with the Uncanny Sword. Black☆Star manages to sense the separate Soul Wavelength of the Will and meets with him for the first time. However, the Will merely asks him on why he desires power, and likens him to a demon.

Between Decision and Operation: Capture Baba Yaga's Castle

Whilst staying at Tsubaki's house in Japan, Black☆Star and Tsubaki try once again to meet with the Will of Nakatsukasa. This time, the Will realizes that Black☆Star wants to show him his soul. He borrows Tsubaki's appearance for a while, telling Black☆Star to show his soul. However, his own power easily overpowers Black☆Star, and the Will summons the spirits of those devoured by the demon to appear to Black☆Star and forces him to consume them, to see the images of their memories and feel their pain and regret. Black☆Star ends up on his knees, shivering and in tears. The Will tells him that that is what it is like to walk the Path of a Demon. He states that Black☆Star, despite his confidence, is now shivering, and says that such a child will never be able to surpass God.

However, Black☆Star replies that the tears he has are not his own, but the ones who have died in regret. He states that he is surprised that so many people have died in such regret and grief. He declares that he does not want to lose, and decides to redeem all of the lost souls by following the Path of a Warrior. The Will of Nakatsukasa finally accepts him, saying that their souls will walk alongside Black☆Star.

Operation: Capture Baba Yaga's Castle

The Will appears once again in Black☆Star's mind in his final fight with Mifune, when Black☆Star is hesitating on killing him. The Will emphasizes that the Path of a Warrior is a harsh path which will involve causing grief and fear unto others.

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