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Witches (魔女, Majo; also "Witchkind") are manipulators of magic with a natural destructive instinct.[2]


Witchkind first emerged shortly after the emergence of the New World created by Shinra Kusakabe due to the migration from the Old World creating random changes within inhabitants regarding their nature. Among those changed included former human Inca Kasugatani being among the, if not, first of the witches to appear. Once a human from the Old World, Inca would be reborn in the New World in the form of a witch and would claim that she would cause destruction until Shinra agreed to let her bear his descendants due to his status as a hero.[3]



The appearance of a witch varies, though they generally look like human females.[4] However, some witches can have an appearance based on distinct, animal-like qualities of their animal theme.[5] The soul wavelength of a witch is also distinguishable, though this cannot be physically seen.[5]


Witches are capable of engaging in sexual reproduction like that of a human. Despite the strife between humans & witchkind, witches may still engaged and produce offspring with them. From the example of Crona, it is entirely possible for a union between a witch and another to result in a completely human child.[6]

The average age in which a witch loses their virginity in the Witch Order is expressed to be 50 years old.[7]

Racial strife[]

Eight hundred years ago, the Witches' control in general was far more spread with them using their power to cause great destruction, especially among humans. However, the DWMA's efforts as well as the creation and usage of demon weapons to even the playing field by using their own power against them have caused the witches to lose the upper-hand for a long time and as a result, has forced them to retreat into an isolated space: the Witches' Realm. The destruction from the Witches has caused a strife between both humans and witches alike that has lasted for over eight centuries.[8]

According to Death the Kid, he stated that in reality, the racial feud is the result of the generational hatred from the witches. The hatred, in addition, stems mostly from the older generation rather than the new generation of Witches.[9]

Strife with humans[]

The general population of humanity are distrustful of witches from previous attempts of causing destruction, giving them infamy as to be regarded as power, intimidating, and cunning. This prejudice extends to even select personnel of Death Weapon Meister Academy, causing other witches in hiding to shield their witch heritage with soul protect. However, this level of prejudice isn't prevalent among the upper echelons of DWMA personnel, whom are more aware of the history behind witches.[10]

Witches in general don't hold humans (demon weapons included) in high regard, many harboring hatred for humanity due to their souls being hunted by humans; due to the usage of witch souls by the DWMA as a countermeasure against their magical powers and previous battles causing witches to be isolated into the Witches' Realm for suvival, their hatred of humanity runs deep.[9][11]

After the battle on the Moon and the Clown Army, in which marked the first time humans and witches banded together against a common threat, Death the Kid sought to improve relation between witches and humans alike.[12]

Strife with grim reapers[]

Similarly to humans, witches have also facilitated a immense hatred for grim reapers, much due to a false perception of being inherently incompatible and unable to coexist, with the grim reaper's objective for a more orderly world and their pull of magic giving rise to their destructive instincts, seen as a anthesis of the former's objective.[9][11] Witches are unaware of the grim reaper's roles of actually presiding over balance.[13]

Their strife with grim reapers has caused witches to adopt several prejudices, including the Witch Order deeming being a grim reaper a crime punishable by a million deaths, being a more severe crime than those done against the acting witch queen of the Witch Order. Witches also deem idea of pursuing a relationship with a grim reaper a degenerate act.[9][11]

After Asura's defeat on the moon, Death the Kid's goal of improving relations between humans and witchkind alike also seemingly improves their viewpoints on grim reapers.[14]

Countermeasures against Witches[]

Originally eight centuries ago, evil witches that threaten world order were occasionally hunted by Death himself and later the Eight Reaper Legions similarly to evil humans. Grim reapers were seen as figures responsible for investigating witch-related matters as such.[15]

Criminal Witch List by DWMA Central Intellgience Agency.

After the dissolution of the Eight Reaper Legions and the founding of Death Weapon Meister Academy, countermeasures against witches changed; because inclusion of the demon weapons in their ranks, the academy began using the souls of evil witches in order to make demon weapons into death scythe (or "true demon weapons") in order to better fight back against the threats of other witches, a decision that deepened the hatred between the Witch Order and Death Weapon Meister Academy.[16] This countermeasure by DWMA later abolished by Death the Kid in an effort to better relations.[14]

In the modern era, the countermeasures developed by DWMA forces would later move and be headed by those within the DWMA Central Intelligence Agency, in which can only be officially sanction by obtaining a execution order from a acting headmaster of DWMA, a role only meant for a grim reaper, after proof has been presented.[17][15] Witch suspects are added to the Criminal Witch List.[18]

Types of Witches[]

Witches are classified by their type and capability:

  • Necromancer (死霊使い(ネクロマンサー), Nekuromansā): A Witch who specializes in reviving the dead as a Mummy or Evil Spirit. Only Samantha is a known Necromancer.[19]
  • Tanuki Witch (タヌキの魔女, Tanuki no Majo): Tanuki Witches are Witches whose themes are tanukis, Japanese raccoon dogs. Tanuki are known to be "Masters of Regeneration" and as such, Tanuki Witches are users of Regeneration Magic. These Witches are looked down upon by the Witch Order due to lacking the Pull of Magic. Kimial Diehl is the only known Tanuki Witch.[20]
  • Powerful Witch (上級魔女, Jōkyū Majo): A witch with high magical power and and is capable of contending with other, high caliber opponents.[21]
  • Short-Range Witch (近距離型魔女, Kinkyori-Gata Majo): Witches capable of fighting in close combat. Medusa is the only known short-range witch.[22]
  • Little Witch (チビ魔女, Chibi Majo): A type of Witch who is young and inexperienced, thus still developing her magical power.[23]


Throughout the world, there are various groups and clans consisting of witches with each having different goals, ideologies, and even possess their own standards for society. Some of these groups either are exclusively witch or have accepted witches among their ranks.[24]

Special Abilities[]

Although many witches possess various unique traits and abilities, the majority share common abilities.

  • Magic (魔法, Mahō): Witches are most renowned for their ability to manipulate the almost limitless energy known as magic.[25]
  • Transform (変身, Henshin): Many witches possess the ability to transform into animals of their according theme (often employing Transformation Magic).[26] However, this is not an ability all witches share, such as Medusa Gorgon, who utilizes other means to enter animals.[27]
  • Magic Sense: Some witches have shown proficiency in sensing the magical power within other beings possessing magic.[28]
  • Longevity: Witches are far more "long-lived" then humans, with many surpassing the century mark. Because of this, it's often difficult to gauge a witch's actual age from her appearance.[29] It seems that witches age at a normal rate until a certain point in age before slowing down.[30] Even witches over 800 years old, such as Arachne, can retain a youthful appearance. Despite appearance, however, the effects of aging is still apparent on the body.[31]

Common Magics[]

Certain magics are independent from the theme of a witches and are learned among the race:

  • Manipulation Magic (操作系の魔法, Sōsakei no Mahō): Many witches are skilled in using manipulation magic one way or another, enabling them to perform mind control with their magic. The usage is common enough for DWMA Central Intelligence Agency to have a archive of known witches specializing in mind control.[32]
  • Calculation Spells (演算魔法, Enzan Mahō): Mathematics-related magic in which creates "place-makers" for positioning specific magics such as spatial magic.[33] This magic was founded upon by the Sorcerer, Rerené Descartes[34] and witches vary in skill according to their skills in using math.[35]
  • Magic Calculation (マジックカリキュレーション, Majikku Karikureshon): The spell that evokes the effects of calculation spells.[36]
  • Transformation Magic (変身魔法, Henshin Mahō): Magic that allows witches to transform their appearance. Witches uses this particular skill to transform themselves into their general animal theme.[37]

Advance Magic[]

Among witches, there are magics considered advance. Depending on the scale of magics, the most powerful of advance magics come with a drawback of being only to be potentially held at an hour max:[38]

  • Independent Cube (無干渉領域(インディペンデント・キューブ), Indipendento Kyūbu):A high-level spell in which allows a Witch with spatial magic to be able to cut off space within a given area from all other worlds. However, due to the power needed to perform this spell, a practitioner can only hold the magic in place for an hour at max.[38]
  • Soul Protect (ソウルプロテクト, Souru Purotekuto):A High-Level Spell capable of disguising a witch's soul to that of an ordinary good human. The spell was created to counter the technique, soul perception.[39]

Rare Magic[]

  • Regeneration Magic (再生魔法, Saisei Mahō): Magic that specializes in healing.[40] Due to the magic's nature being opposite of the witches' destructive-inclination instinct known as the "pull of magic", the magic is considered to be taboo among witches. Tanuki witches are known for performing this magic.[40]

Specialized Soul Wavelengths[]

Even among witches, these beings can attain a certain specialized Soul Wavelengths:


Techniques originating from the Great Traditional Techniques of the Scythe-Meister, such as the Witch-Hunt, are moves tailored to kill witches, especially the evil ones.[43] When captured, witches are also gagged to prevent the usage of spells, especially those who require chants or are already under Soul Protect.[44] When forcing witches to cooperate, the DWMA also employs the usage of a special Collar which is set to explode and kill the wearer should they try anything against the DWMA's wishes.[45]

List of known witches[]


Name Origin Type Theme Status
Angela Leon Witches' Realm Little Witch Chameleon Active
Arachne Gorgon Witches' Realm N/A Spider Deceased
Eruka Frog Witches' Realm N/A Frog Active
Inca Kasugatani Old World N/A Unknown Active
Kimial Diehl Witches' Realm Tanuki Witch Tanuki Active
Maba Witches' Realm High-Level Witch Raven Active
Medusa Gorgon Witches' Realm High-Level Witch
Short Range Witch
Snake Deceased
Samantha Unknown Necromancer Unknown Deceased
Shaula Gorgon Witches' Realm N/A Scorpion Active
Sofia Ressa Valk Witches' Realm N/A Unknown Deceased
Sofia Ressa Valk II France N/A Bird Active
Tabatha Butterfly Witches' Realm N/A Butterfly Active
Taruho Firefly Witches' Realm N/A Firefly Active
Unnamed Curly-Tailed Lizard Witch Witches' Realm N/A Lizard Active
Unnamed Fox Witch Witches' Realm N/A Fox Active


Name Origin Type Status
Free Unknown Considered a witch via Demon Eye Active
Crona Unknown Witch ancestry from maternal side Active


  • The written language used by witch is known as "witch text".[46]
  • In the Yen Press English translation, Tezca Tlipoca refers to a "Fifth Power," later revealed to be the witches.[47] A fifth power, or "quintessence," may refer to the Fifth Element or the Aether, an element beyond the conventional four: air, fire, earth, and water. The quintessence also may refer to a hypothetical form of dark energy.[48] Based on witches' closeness to dark magic and their operation outside of a normal world, Tezca's potentially unintentional comparison of witches to the Aether and Dark Energy is apt.
  • Part of a duty of a Death God seems to include investigating Witch-related incidents. While Death himself was the individual who performed this task, it has since been delegated to Death the Kid.[49]


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