Witch-Hunt (魔女狩り, Majogari) is a legendary technique used by scythe-meisters for generations.[1]


A technique used among scythe-meisters, it allows souls to resonate with one another.[2]In doing so, the technique changes the size and shape of the scythe weapon's blade, depending on the individuals performing Soul Resonance in question.[1][3] This attack has the ability to easily kill/injure those who're susceptible to its special criteria.

The Witch-Hunt has been commented by Maka Albarn to be able to work on demons and immortals,[4] and has been assumed to work on a witch. It has been able to affect a demon tool soldier too.[5] The technique has also been seen to be able to cancel out magic techniques emitted from a witch.[3]

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  • When Maka first demonstrated Witch-Hunt, there was a section of the blade with a gap present resembling a mouth (incidentally causing the blade to slightly echo the Moon found within the series). However, later, when it was used in her second battle against Crona, it seems to vanish. The reason for this is unknown. It is, however, present for a moment in the first battle with Stein, when he was thought to be evil.


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