Witch Jail (魔女牢獄, Majo Rōgoku) is a prison run and guarded by Witches for criminals who have dared tried to act against the Witches. Its notable prisoner is Free. Its location is unknown, and it is surrounded by a dark forest.



From outside, the prison is a large and rather grand building, similar to a hybrid of a bastille and a church, as it has spires instead of battlements. The walls are heavily built with strong formations, giving off the idea of strict security and slim chances of escape.


  • Exterior
  • Free stuck in cell with chopsticks
  • Prison guards
  • Prison guard, unconscious outside cell
  • Jail cell hallway

Inside, the cells are lined up in dark stone corridors, kept watch by the guards. The bars of each cell are also taped over with what looks like magical seals, increasing the security. Some of the more dangerous prisoners are in chains (Free, who can use his left eye for powerful magic, is also blindfolded) and cannot use magic to escape. The meals are also apparently served with chopsticks, destroying the chances of someone using a spoon to dig out of prison (if anyone actually thinks of this idea). Upon entering the prison, the prisoners have their name taken away and replaced with a number. Free's prison number is No. 13.

The guards (since is it is a Witch-run facility) seem to be female mostly, although whether they are Witches themselves is unknown. They are all dressed in a military-like uniform, their most notable piece of clothing is a helmet in the shape of a dog's head (befitting the fact that they are guard, so they have a guard dog theme) with a strip of material hanging down like a veil on either side of their heads, hiding their faces. They are armed with spears (in the anime, they can magically extend to stab someone, so they do not need to be thrown) and other weapons such as flame throwers.


Soul Eater

You imprisoned me here for two hundred years!! You think I'll just quietly let myself be captured again? Of course I'll resist!!

Free, Chapter 10

The prison serves to be the place where Free, the Immortal who stole Maba's left eye, is held. He is held there for two hundred years until Medusa sends Eruka to the Witch Prison in order to free him. After drugging the guards, Eruka and Free manage to escape, but are found by the guards. Free easily kills them with his magic and the two finally escape.


  • The prison guards are dressed similarly to the guards accompanying the Witch Judge upon the arrival of Death the Kid's envoy from the DWMA.


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