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The Witch Order (魔女界, Majo Kai)[1] is an order consisting of Witches. They are the sworn enemies of Death Weapon Meister Academy.[2]


Known to be the sworn enemies of DWMA, the Witch Order are a powerful sect of Witches bent on protecting themselves from potential extinction by the hands of their enemies as well as gaining any advantage over the other.[3]


The Witch Order conducts its operations within a separate Space due to the Witch Queen's powerful magic capable of distorting and twisting space itself. The only way into the Witches' Realm is through a special ritual involving a butt dance.[4]


Eight hundred years ago, the Witch Order's control spread far, their Magic and Curses causing immense damage as well as being exceedingly crafty. In response, Death and Eibon were to create a power to counter them. Inspired by Excalibur, this came in the form of blueprints to the "Demon Weapon". Requiring the sacrifice of Witches, the experiment was deemed inhumane and sealed away. Their associate, Arachne Gorgon, acquired the blueprints and took them for herself as she continued their work. This caused her to be excommunicated as the birth of the Demon Weapon race required Witches' souls to complete them and enable them to reach true forms. Arachne was also labelled a "heretic" and was known to be the darkest blemish in Witch history. In turn, this also caused a deep hatred between the Witches and what is later established as DWMA and the Death Gods.[5]

For centuries, the DWMA and Witches entered a conflict with one another. Each time Witches came up with powerful, new spells to use against the academy, Meisters and Weapons have come up with new techniques to defeat it. Meisters later then develop the ability to track down Witches via Soul Perception. The Witches then countered the ability with the Magic, Soul Protect.[6] Despite the Witches' efforts and killing many Meisters and Weapons, the DWMA long held the upper-hand against the Order and as a result, were shunned and pushed into the isolated world known as the Witches' Realm.[7]

Two centuries ago, the Legendary Wolf Man attacked the Queen of the Witches, Maba. Her left eye was plucked by the Werewolf and implanted in him, although he was caught and later detained. This event became infamous not only inside the Witch Community, but the outside world as well.[3]

At some point in time, the Witches gained an interest in Meme Tatane due to her high grades and impressive martial ability. One of their members, Shaula Gorgon, would then kidnap her and brainwash her to be controlled by the order and serve as a brainwashed agent.[8][9] They also made threats towards the DWMA during their Death Festival and had a member of their Order, Shaula Gorgon, attack as a result.[10]

During one of the Witch Mass, the subject of Medusa Gorgon's infiltration of Death Weapon Meister Academy is discussed. Although Maba herself allows her to continue her research, she is unaware of Medusa having stolen the a key from her room.[11] Having coerce Eruka Frog into her cause, Medusa has her use the Key to release Prisoner #13: the Legendary Wolfman who calls himself "Free" upon being freed and defeating many guards.[12][13][14]


Witch Order icon

Witch Order - Insignia

The Witch Order consists of what seems to be a monarchy, ruled and overseen by the current Witch Queen, Maba. Along with her is a group which assists the day-to-day operations as well as making major decisions, known as the "Witch Assembly". Like any similar monarchy, the Queen's word is law and is followed wholeheartedly throughout the Order, the rules established also enforced strictly.[15]

Bases & LocationsEdit

Rules & PunishmentsEdit

Much like the DWMA, the Witch Order exists to establish order and rules for the Witches to prevent potential extinction at the hands of enemies such as the Kishin and the DWMA. Like societies established by humans, the Witch Order also hold their own punishments and court trials.[16] These punishments range from serving prison time[17] to excommunication.[18] Some rules include:

  • After the resurrection of the Kishin by Medusa Gorgon, it became strictly forbidden for Witches to approach the DWMA for any reason.[19]
  • Witches within the order are not allowed to side with the DWMA or befriend Death Scythes.[16]
  • It's a crime to assist and/or affiliate with Witch Order criminals: such as Medusa Gorgon (post the resurrection of the Kishin) and Wolf Man with the Demon Eye.[20]
  • Killing Witches within the Order is also forbidden.[21]
  • Should a dispute happen between Witches concerning opening a portal to the Witches' Realm, the youngest witch must be the one to open a portal.[16]
  • Kim Diehl once expressed that Witches aren't supposed to use their own Magic in caring fashions such as using Regeneration Magic to heal sicknesses and anything considered ordinary. The reason behind this is unknown.[22]

Because of the nature of witches, they are sentenced to death multiple times.[16] Crimes such as stealing the eye of Maba and escaping custody ranges to 500 death sentences.[16] For immortals, however, they receive executions.[16] During a trial in which Death the Kid was a part of, he received a sentencing of one million deaths for being a Death God.[16]

Society & CultureEdit

The Witch Order is split into two groups: younger Witches and older Witches.

The elder Witches of the Order have less liberal mindsets. These Witches hold a more uptight attitude, harboring deep hatred for Death Weapon Meister Academy as well as even controlling younger Witches with rules which are viewed as "outdated". They tend to have a more stubborn attitude. One older Witch even went as far as to say the hatred between these Witches and DWMA run "deeper then the deepest pits of hell". Younger Witches, however, hold a more liberal view and aren't clinging to the "web of hatred", unlike their elders. As a result, they are more open to DWMA and hate them less, although they face scrutiny from older members due to their conflicting views.[23]

Casually, younger Witches have adopted their own slang and also have their own vulgar sayings. The usage of "witching" and "witchin" is much like the humane usage of words like "wicked" and "fricking".[24] "Bullwitch" is a vulgar term used much like "bullshit" within the human, English language.[25]

Witches, both old and young, take immense pride in their destructive instinct that dominates them, known as the Pull of Magic. This instinct is held proudy and in high regard, so much so that individuals who lack the instinct (like Tanuki Witches who possess Regeneration Magic) are alienated from the Order and aren't considered "real Witches".[26]

Witches in the Order developed their own written language known as Witch Text. This text is known exclusively to Witches. Although translation is possible, it currently requires another Witch due to its rarity outside the Witches' Realm and Order.[27]

The average age for a Witch's first time in sexual intercourse within the Order is 50 years old, with anyone below the average age limit seen as a "natural born seductress". Relations with the Death Gods is also considered a degenerate action.[28]

Witches within the Order hold a high degree of respect for Sorcerers, namely Eibon. This level of respect is to the point that Death, one familiar with Witches, assumed that Witches in general are aware of his powerful objects such as the Book of Eibon.[29] Much of their knowledge is passed down to the Witches within the Order, whether it be directly (Eibon)[30] or otherwise (Rerené Descartes).[31]


There's some occurences that happens within the order:

Witch Trial: The Witch Trial is a a formal examination of evidence before a judge, and typically before a jury, in order to decide guilt in a case of criminal or civilian proceedings done by the witches, much like the real world's.[16] Witch Trials can have rather harsh punishments for its defendants, which seem to be in the form of several death sentences with the exception of Immortals, who get multiple sentences of executions due to the fact witches are difficult to kill.[16]

Trials begin with the chant "Joma Joma Wachi Suchi"(when rearranged this means "Witch Witch Heya! Sup?").[32] During a trial, the defendants are bound to the ground and read their charges and sentences.[16] However, the entirety of the trial is extremely flawed and unfair. Defendants are not given an equal chance in representation, though may raise objections. However, any defendant raising objections must stand and come forth with their object. Due to the defendant not able to stand due to being bound, the judge may overrule their objections.[16] In addition, some ruling are extremely prejudiced, as being a Shinigami is a crime and worthy of a sentence to be put to death one million times.[16] Some crimes in addition are seen to be unfair, as befriending a Death Scythe is a crime punishable with a death sentence.[16] However, that's not to say all rulings are unfair, as conspiring with Medusa Gorgon is punishable due to the fact she released a god that posed a major threat to the order.[16]


Witch Mass: Witch Mass is the name used to refer to the gathering of a large number of witches, conducted under the authority of the current Queen of the Witches, Maba. Its purpose is to discuss events, such as Medusa's purpose in infiltrating the DWMA, which had gotten the approval of Maba herself.[33] Each mass ends with the a phrase firstly said by Maba and then replied to by the other attending witches.[3]

The wording varies from translation, however, and is slightly different. In Funimation's translation, the phrase is "Joma Joma Dabarasa" (backwards for "Majo Majo Sarabada", which is "Witch Witch Farewell" in English). In Yen Press's translation in the manga, it is "Joma Joma Dublasha".

Military & ResourcesEdit

The Witch Order's military seem to consist of not only witches but also Guards who are commonly seen wearing hats shaped like the heads of dogs, relating themselves to something akin to guard dogs. These group of people seems to consist of both male and females who seem to have no magic skill and instead rely on weaponry to battle. They also have a plethora of jobs from maintaining order and watching over prisoners[34] to aiding witch members.[16]

The Witch Order also seems to have a currency.[35]  The order does also possess some weaponry. While most of the guards utilize long and sharp staffs,[36] swords, and flamethrowers,[37] the order's most powerful asset is their overall usage of magic and curses, which has forced the DWMA in the past to find new ways to counter their attacks.[38]


Main article: Traitors

The Traitors were a group of humans who were brainwashed and under the control of Shaula Gorgon, a member of the order. According to Clay Sizemore, the order was utilizing Meme Tatane as a brainwashed spy for information against DWMA, having targeted her prior to her entry into the school.[39] This suggests that the order and Shaula were conspiring together. Shaula also referred to herself as a member of the order.

The Traitors were subjected to experimentation in order to make them the ideal soldiers. These humans have been infected presumably by her venom in which has elements of mind control, endowing those with no combat training and unremarkable physical ability with a huge spike in potential. In addition, they all experience insomnia and are unable to sleep. By preventing the subject from sleeping, a witch (Shaula) can remove the fear within them.[40]


Witch AssemblyEdit

The Witch Assembly are the group of Witches who oversee the authority portion of the Witch Order, indicated by Kim's fear of them excommunicating her from the Order should they find she ran away to the DWMA.[41] They also are key members of the Witch Masses and trials.

Name Rank Status
MabaQueen, Grand WitchActive
Witch JudgeJudgeActive
Witch AssistantAssistantActive


Name Rank Status
Eruka FrogWitchActive
Angela LeonWitchActive
Kim DiehlWitchActive
Taruho FireflyWitchActive
Tabasa ButterflyWitchActive
Shaula GorgonWitchDeceased
Eldest MizuneWitchDeceased
Medusa GorgonWitchExcommunicated
Arachne GorgonWitchExcommunicated
Kimial DiehlWitchResigned


Name Rank Status
Eibon (Anime Only)TeacherResigned

Witch FamiliesEdit


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