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The Witches' Trial Arc is the twenty-third story arc in the manga Soul Eater. While the DWMA continues its battle against Asura's Clown Army on the Moon, Death the Kid attempts to negotiate an alliance with the Witch Order against Asura. This arc is exclusive to the manga.


Kid retreats from the Moon to the DWMAEdit

Chapter 98 - Jinn tackles a Giant Clown

Jinn tackles a Clown.

Death the Kid still demands that he stay on the Moon to continue fighting with his DWMA teammates. Despite his protests, the Demon Airship takes off with him, Liz Thompson, and Patty Thompson. Marie puts a hand to his shoulder and reminds him that their peers are giving them cover to escape so he may go to the Witches' Realm. She says he must not waste the sacrifice made by their colleagues.[1]

Kaguya orders the Airship be shot down but is prevented from doing so by DWMA Moon Forces, including Alexandre, Dengu Dinga, Zubaidah, Jinn Galland, Franken Stein, and Spirit Albarn.[1]

Chapter 98 - Kid barges into the Girls Shower Room with Jaqueline and Kim

Kid barges in on Jacqueline and Kim as they shower. much to their surprise.

Upon his return to the DWMA, Kid is informed by Death that Kim Diehl and her weapon Jacqueline O'Lantern Dupré returned from Italy and are showering. Irritated by this delay, Kid enters the girls' shower room, offering to speed up their bathing. Kid is then knocked unconscious by Liz, who apologizes and drags Kid away.[1]

Chapter 98 - Kim performs her butt-writing

Kim performing the butt writing.

Back in the Death Room, once Kim returns from the showers, along with an injured Kid, Death announces the two of them will join Eruka Frog, Free, Risa, and Arisa to negotiate an alliance with the Witch Order against Asura. Eruka explains the Witches' Realm is held in a sealed space contained by Maba's Spatial Magic. Eruka requires non-witches turn away as Kim opens the portal--by writing letters with her backside. Death, Liz, and Patty wave goodbye as Kid's group enters the Witches' Realm.[1]

Kid and Witches stand trialEdit

On the other side of the portal, however, are the Witch Judge and her guards, who immediately place Kid's group under arrest. The group is put on trial in the Witch Courtroom and already assumed guilty. They are sentenced: Eruka, who assisted both Medusa Gorgon's Medusa's Army and the DWMA, and helped Free escape from the Witch Prison, is sentenced to five death sentences; Tabatha Butterfly, alias Risa, and Taruho Firefly, alias Arisa, who aided the DWMA and befriended the Death Weapon Spirit Albarn, receive one death sentence each; Free, who stole Maba's Demon Eye and escaped prison, receives 1,000 executions; Kim, who joined the DWMA, receives one death sentence; and Kid, who is a shinigami, receives one million deaths.[1]

Soul Eater Chapter 99 - Kid begs the witches

Kid begs for the witches' help

As Kid hears the witches taunt him, he grits his teeth until he loudly demands everyone's silence. He explains that the weight on his legs and the bonds on his wrists are far too weak to contain a reaper such as him, as he easily removes them; he kept them on to show humility, then bows before the witches. Kid argues that while witches have an instinct to destroy, humans have destructive urges yet have learned to channel those urges in productive ways, and so can these witches by allying with the DWMA against Asura. He also points out that, like humans and shinigamis, witches, despite their destructive nature, desire order, or else they would not have a court of laws. The witches counter that they have been exiled for so long, but Kid reminds them that younger witches like Kim lack such hatred. Kid humbly asks for their assistance against Asura to protect this world.[1] Maba replies with one word: "Nyamu!!"[2]

The War on the Moon ContinuesEdit

Chapter 98 - Blackstar and Maka as they make their way to the moon

Maka and Black☆Star make their way towards the Moon

Maka Albarn, flying on Soul Eater's winged form, and Black☆Star, using Tsubaki Nakatsukasa's Shadow☆Star: Zeroth Form - Masamune, make their way towards the Moon. Black☆Star complains about having to jump, concerned that Tsubaki's form punches holes onto houses. However, Maka tells him to keep up the best he can, as riding double on Soul will sap her stamina.[1]

Inside the Moon's nose, Sid Barrett is surprised that Akane☆Hoshi and Clay Sizemore are working with Noah and Gopher.[1] Struggling to think of an excuse, Clay argues that, as both weak-willed and a powerful meister, Asura will be extra vigilant to sense their souls, which makes sneaking around pointless. Clay reasons that while Noah and Gopher can sabotage their mission, the two also can serve as decoys once Asura locates the DWMA members. Noah is, unsurprisingly, furious, but that is because he thinks Clay has copied his plan to use the Shibusen members as decoys. Sid instead says the only goal is to find Asura: while the Kishin's madness wavelength hides his exact location, the increased power of that wavelength proves they are nearing Asura's location. Impatient, Noah races Gopher and the Shibusen members to the location, worrying Sid that their enemies will screw up this mission.[2]

Soul Eater Chapter 99 - Sid and Akane confront Asura

Akane and Sid confront Asura

Sid and Noah's teams follow the Madness to a ravine in the Moon. Noah calls for the Kishin to reveal itself, but it is too dark to see. Sid drops a flare into the ravine to illuminate it, revealing Asura himself—as a giant three-eyed beast, its maw open, ready to consume his enemies. As the saliva from Asura drips upon him, Sid realizes he is immobilized, as Asura successfully bites through Sid. But Akane sees that the beast they confronted was an illusion: all members are safe. As Sid is still holding that lit flare that he thought he had dropped into the ravine, he cannot determine when Asura began the illusion—but he can tell that Asura indeed is in that ravine.[2]

Soul Eater Chapter 99 - Crona lands on the Moon

Crona lands on The Moon

Elsewhere, atop the Moon's nose, Crona lands, sensing Asura is below. Crona leaps down, falling towards the surface, promising to bathe the Moon with Black Blood. Before colliding with the surface, Crona renews flight, sailing into the Moon's nostrils—which causes the Moon's very eyes to shut as it sneezes![2]

On the Moon's surface, wielding the Death Weapons Spirit Albarn, Jinn Galland, and Dengu Dinga against an endless army of Clowns, Stein, Alexandre, and Zubaidah struggle to catch their breath. Kaguya mocks her opponents for reaching their limit—hence they will never be able to gaze upon her skin. Stein tries to motivate his fellow meisters that Kid will return with the witches soon. While Alexandre and Zubaidah claim they are willing to sacrifice their lives, Spirit criticizes the two meisters, claiming their willingness to die at their young ages hardly will give much strength in this battle. Instead, Spirit tells the two to have hope to live.[3]

Soul Eater Chapter 100 - Maka and Black Star arrive at the Moon

Maka and Black Star arrive at the Moon

Meanwhile, far away in the sky, Maka struggles to fly as quickly to the Moon to assist her peers--because Black Star has attached himself to her flying scythe. Maka then senses the Madness increasing, realizing Asura's location on the Moon is right behind this last set of clouds. Moonlight has already detected their presence, firing a laser that almost hits both Maka and Black Star. Soul struggles to dodge, so Maka swings Black Star off the scythe, sending him flying towards multiple laser beams, which he deflects easily with his hand—and grabs the lasers to throw back at Moonlight. Tsubaki resumes her sword form, as Black Star cushions his descent with a slice into the Moon's surface, alerting Stein to his arrival.[3]

Soul Eater Chapter 100 - Maka saves Stein

Maka saves Stein from Clowns with Witch-Hunt

Maka remains in flight, uncertain whether she can fight that many clowns at once. As Moonlight shoots more lasers at her, Soul asks Maka to sense the wavelengths of the lasers, which allows him to determine their rhythm so that, with the keyboard appearing on his blade, he uses Soul Hack, allowing Maka to redirect the lasers to fire upon the Clowns, decimating them. Maka lands, slicing those Clowns away with Witch-Hunt. Maka lands before Stein, thanking Stein and Spirit for staying behind on the Moon to continue the battle. Stein, however, is a bit embarrassed to be rescued by one of his students. Meanwhile, Moonlight agrees to persist in his battle to spread Asura's madness, as even if Black Star seizes more of his lasers, he can produce an infinite number to overwhelm his opponents.[3]

Kid leads the DWMA back to the MoonEdit

Only Kid returns from the Witches' Realm, explaining to Death that Kim sent him back alone because it is now up to the witches to discuss among themselves a potential alliance with the DWMA. Kid then calls Gen on the Death Airship to demand that he fix the ship for departure in a half hour, a tremendous task that will compromise the integrity of the ship upon its next flight.[2]

Soul Eater Chapter 100 - Demon Airship, Full Speed Ahead

The Airship heads to the Moon, full speed ahead

During the flight back to the Moon, Kid tries to reassure Azusa Yumi and others that they must have faith that the Witch Order will ally with them against Asura.[2] But Azusa opposes his plan to charge the Airship directly at the Moon, as she fears the witches have not yet arrived so as to send the DWMA on a potentially suicidal attack. She concludes that Kid is too young to understand that his hopes in the witches are not realistic. Kid admits he may be naive, yet ideals must be realized, and if giving up his ideals is what must be done to be an adult, then he would rather live up to his name and remain a kid. Azusa then asks whether Kid is willing to risk the lives of the Demon Airship crew and their teammates. Kid turns to all 36 members currently on the Airship, promising that, if anyone opposes his plan, he will call off the attack. But all of the crew and their teammates agree to follow Kid. Marie teases Azusa that she is the only one not to answer. Azusa acquiesces, calling for the Airship to plunge down to the Moon.[3]

Excalibur comes to the Death RoomEdit

In the Death Room Mirror, Tezca Tlipoca is worried that, although obviously witches and DWMA have a historical connection with each other, the witches may not help in this battle. Death replies that it was witches' increased control and more damaging curses long ago that led him to seek a new power to combat witches' crafty plans: Death Weapons themselves, the responsibility of Eibon, Arachne Gorgon, and Death himself. Death and Tezca also realize how necessary witches are for weapons: without a witch's soul, a demon weapon cannot reach its full potential as a Death Weapon. As the DWMA hunted for witches' souls to perfect demon weapons to then fight more witches for more of their souls, the DWMA worsened its own relations with witches. Death says that he is aging, time changes, and so does order: "A generational shift is about to happen." Because of the havoc that the Gorgon Sisters have caused by creating weapons and resurrecting the Kishin, Tezca is still unsure whether the witches will assist Shibusen. Death defers to his son, who trusts the witches,[2] and he asks the ambivalent Tezca to have faith in the witches, as they have no other option.[3]

A beam of light shines above the Academy—then smashes through its buildings, igniting portions of the spires. The beam explodes into the Death Room, as Death fears it is an attack by witches. But it is actually Excalibur who has arrived to watch Asura's battle from here. Death questions why Excalibur does not assist the DWMA to fight Asura, while Excalibur says he could ask the same of his fellow Great Old One, as Death is "the former ruler of 'Order.'" Death becomes silent.[3]


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