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The Yngling brooch is a piece of jewelry that was made for and once belonged to House Yngling, specifically Anastasia Yngling. She, however, sold it in order to purchase Josephine shortly after her arrival at the DWMA.[1]


The Yngling brooch is a large golden brooch with a blue gem in the center. Either in the gem or in the gold below the crest of House Yngling is engraved. The brooch further has a tail consisting of two charms, one with a white gem and one with a red gem. Anya wore it during her first day at the DWMA without much thought[2] until Tsugumi Harudori remarked on its luxurity and deduced that Anya was someone from high standing. Not wanting to reveal her true identity, Anya changed the subject. The next day, she got up early to go to the market and purchase trinkets to her heart's desire. Her main target was a tanuki statue she'd seen earlier and when she came up short, she gladly supplemented her remaining money with the Yngling brooch to pay for it. When asked about the brooch later by Meme Tatane, she claimed to have lost it during her time at the market. Tsugumi and Meme later bought her a DWMA brooch as a replacement gift.[1]


  • The Yngling brooch does not exist in the manga and therefore nor does the replacement gift subplot. In the manga, Anya starts wearing the DWMA brooch in Chapter 4.


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