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A Zombie (ゾンビ, Zonbi) in Soul Eater are human corpses that are reanimated by unknown means.[1] Only one character in Soul Eater is an actual zombie, though various concepts of the zombie exists.


After a transformation into a zombie, the person adopts a blueish skin tone from the lost oxygen in the blood stream though despite this, they're still able to bleed red blood like that of humans. The nose also becomes flat and piggish and the eyes lose their pupils. The mouth widens, prominently revealing the teeth. The hair seems to remain unchanged after the transformation.

It appears that zombies are created artificially, exemplified by how Sid Barrett was turned into one by Franken Stein.


Zombies in Soul Eater have the ability to dig underground, without the usage of their hands, at quick speeds to surprise, evade, or sneak up on an opponent.[1] In addition, they're still able to function as Meisters; they can perform Soul Resonance[2] and retain their physical prowess.[1]

Zombies in Soul EaterEdit


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