Zubaidah (ズバイダ, Zubaida) is the Meister of Jinn Galland, one of Death's Weapon in charge of West Asia.[1]

Cultural ReferencesEdit

Zubaidah's name is a reference to Zubaidah bint Ja`far, an Arabian Princess who appears in multiple stories of "One Thousand and One Nights".[2]


While not too much of Zubaidah's personality is given, she is shown to be somewhat pessimistic when Death the Kid was ordered to negotiate with The Witches upon getting their assistance, and was willing to die during the fight on the Moon. However, after being chastised by Spirit, she promptly took his words of encouragement.[3]


Zubaidah is a curvaceous woman who wears clothes similar to those of a belly dancer. She has long black hair parted in the middle and hides most of her face behind a veil. She also has black-painted nails.[1]


As a partner to a Death Scythe, Zubaidah is one of the more powerful Meisters of Death Weapon Meister Academy, though her full capacity is left unknown.[4]

Special AbilitiesEdit

Lamp Meister (ランプ職人, Ranpu Shokunin): With Jinn Galland, Zubaidah is capable of resonating with the Death Scythe and unlocking various powerful forms and techniques for her Weapon to utilize in combat.[4] Such a feat is shown to be exhausing in maintaining after a period of time. Their resonance was powerful enough to fight against the Galoot Clown and physically overpower the giant clown.[5]

Conditioning: Zubaidah is capable of maintaining a Soul Resonance (which requires her to hold her arms up) for long periods of time.[6]


The War on the Moon arcEdit

Zubaidah was among the Meisters within the confines of the Demon Airship when it was under attack by Moonlight.[1] As her partner announces that he's ready to go on Franken Stein's instruction, she also tells her partner that she is ready. On top of the Airship, both her and her weapon perform Soul Resonance, causing Jinn to utilize his Genie form.[4]

Having joined the battle, her and Jinn decide to go after the Galoot Clown to assist Death the Kid, promptly transforming Jinn into The Tower form, and battling the much larger clown, her partner using Bind Ivy to physically overpower the monstrous clown with the help of Alexandre and Dengu Dinga.[5] Her weapons later assumes The Lovers form, destroying the Galoot Clown with only one shot of its beam. However, she, along with her friends and weapons, are shocked to see the clown regenerate from complete obliteration.[7] Along with some of her Death Weapon Meister comrades and Weapons, she looks onward as Stein alerts them on the incoming Clowns.[8]


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