Zukun, known as Zwan (ズワン Zuwan in Japanese) in Funimation, is the name of Blair's hat and is one of Blair's trusty Magic Lifeform.

Characteristics and Uses

Usually, Zukun takes on the form of a normal-looking black Witch's hat, with its brim extending outwards sideways and a grey strap with a buckle around it. The hat's tip is curled up with sharp right-angled edges. When Blair is in her male form, Zukun's shape alters to look more like a top hat.

On Blair's command, Zukun can turn the curled up tip of its hat into a hand, which has a grinning sharp-toothed grin (with blood coming out of its mouth) on it and googly eyes. In its first appearance, Zukun has five fingers, but in recent chapters, it only has three. Zukun can reach out for long distances from Blair's standing point, and can grab and throw an enemy with surprising strength with relative ease. Zukun can also be shown to talk.


Zukun is first used in Blair's first fight with Maka and Soul, being able to fling the Meister away with incredible ease, causing her to land on a rooftop of a nearby house.[1]

Blair later uses Zukun in her fight against the Flying Dutchman, using her Magic Lifeform to steal the Evil spirit's hat repeatedly.


  • The name 'Zwan' is a likely a reference to the American alternative rock 'supergroup' named Zwan which was founded partly by some of the members of the American alternative rock band The Smashing Pumpkins which fits in with Blair's pumpkin theme and her attack, Smashing Pumpkin.


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